Welcome to LifeRing Colorado Secular Recovery

Empower Your Sober Self

When nothing works anymore to control your drinking and using, try something new and radical: Abstinence!
  • LifeRing is a network of people who support one another in living free of alcohol and other non-medically indicated addictive drugs
  • In LifeRing meetings your religious and spiritual beliefs, or the lack thereof, remain a private matter. There is no religious content in the meeting process
  • LifeRing serves as an alternative or complement to 12-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous
  • This website focuses on LifeRing activities and issues specific to Colorado, including a list of all state meetings in detail
  • For a complete overview and specific links to books, convenors, live chat rooms, and much more, click on the LifeRing.org link above.

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