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Rocky Mountain CrossTalk

The focus of the 2018 Annual Meeting and Congress is the growth of LifeRing Secular Recovery. Growth is defined as an increase in the number and quality of LifeRing meetings. To create the environment and structure necessary for growth, we

Article in the Boulder Weekly

Thanks to Eliza Radeka and The Boulder Weekly for their their recent article about LifeRIng! Eliza is a journalism student at the University of Colorado in Boulder and approached me last October about attending a LifeRing meeting. She later attended

Kaiser Cares About Opioid Overdoses

Kaiser Permanente members can get Naloxone at Kaiser pharmacies without a prescription.  Details here. Opioids are strong pain medicines. Examples include hydrocodone, oxycodone, fentanyl, and morphine. Heroin is an example of an illegal opioid. Taking too much of an opioid

Shop at Amazon? Want to support LifeRing?

Here’s a painless way to support LifeRing if you’re going to shop at Amazon any way. Don’t go straight to Amazon. Start your shopping by first clicking on the Amazon smile button on the upper right of this site or

2018 LifeRing Annual Meeting in Denver

Planning for the 2018 LifeRing Annual Meeting has begun!  (The International organization, not just LifeRing Colorado.) Save the weekend of June 2nd and 3rd 2018 Next year’s meeting will take place in beautiful Denver, Colorado, at the foot of the

Intro to Buddhism and Mindfulness Meditation in Denver Starting Nov. 5

            What.Insight (Vipassana) Meditation is a practice from the Theravada Buddhist tradition.  In the West, it has also become a complementary approach for managing pain and stress (including post-traumatic stress), in addition to its traditional focus on awakening wisdom and

Rally for Recovery – Saturday Sept. 13

Click for flyer.

September is Recovery Month

September is Recovery Month and we already have this on the calendar: Rally for Recovery on Saturday, September 16, 2017 at Civic Center Park. I hope you can all join us from: Tonya Wheeler, CAC III Executive Director Advocates for Recovery Colorado

LifeRing Annual Meeting

Breaking news…   The Colorado contingent to the LifeRing annual meeting is winging their way westward as we speak.  Kathleen sent me this pic from DIA and wanted it posted.  The front page is dedicated to Curtis D.’s one man

Meeting Changes

Update 6/2/2017: There is also a new meeting in Longmont Sunday morning so we have 2 meetings there on Sunday now. And don’t forget about our new Vail meeting.  That started weeks ago but it still has that new meeting