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Curtis Wraps up the Annual Conference


Article in the Boulder Weekly

Thanks to Eliza Radeka and The Boulder Weekly for their their recent article about LifeRIng! Eliza is a journalism student at the University of Colorado in Boulder and approached me last October about attending a LifeRing meeting. She later attended

Blending ancient philosophy with modern neuroscience to fight addiction

Interesting article in the Wise Brain Bulletin: Flow Machine: Hacking the Human Brain for Healing and Wellbeing by Michael Taft.  Taft’s research uses electroencephalography (EEG) and real-time neurofeedback to reinforce mindfulness. “I’m playing the role of lab rat in a groundbreaking test

Sobriety Lessons in Tragic Death of Scott Weiland?

Sadly, here is yet another story of addiction and death in rock and roll. Why am I posting this on LifeRing? Because this story is a little different and it may hold lessons for those of us suffering from addiction.

Those DAMN Drinking Dreams!

I had this horrible dream! I was drinking again! What does it mean?! –> It means you were sleeping! (a variation of Steven Wright joke) If you’re like me, you’ve probably had these horrible, guilt-ridden drinking dreams in sobriety. They’re

Recent Highlights from LifeRingInfoColorado

LifeRingInfoColorado is the Google group for information and announcements for the LifeRing Colorado community.  It has lots of great content.  Such as: The LifeRing Newsletter Summer 2015   Very interesting article on new alcohol research in the Journal of Neuroscience.

Enjoy sobriety!

“Enjoy the pleasures of a clear mind and a healthy body. Be glad about not putting toxins – the source of the word, intoxication – into your body and mind. Feel good about the gift you are giving your future

My drinking problem started a long time ago…

“Humans aren’t the only ones on this planet who enjoy a drink or seven at the end of a hard day of work or picking mites out of a neighbor’s back fur. It turns out we might have some drinking

The “Three S” LifeRing Philosophy

A great summary of the LifeRing philosophy by Bobby G.: A – Sobriety is our priority 1 – Sobriety support is the purpose of our meetings 2 – Sobriety is the objective of each member’s work in building an individual program

How has marijuana legalization affected your sobriety?

I spent too many years smoking dope when it wasn’t legal.  Now that it is legal in Colorado, there’s a part of me that feels like I’m missing out.  I can’t go down that road of course but I do