Computer Gear for Qualified People

I have met several folks in recovery who are starting over in aspects of their lives like looking for employment or restarting their education.  Are you a low income family/individual looking for a computer or internet service for not a lot of money?  Then you might want to check out PCs for People.  PCs for People provides computers and internet services for low-income families and non-profits.  They have been in Denver for less than a year.




And yes, I realize the irony of promoting computers and internet services online when the target audience might not have access.  So I encourage you to mention this resource as appropriate.  If you have gear to donate for refurbishing, please do so.

Bill W.

Map – 1548 W Alameda Ave, Denver, CO 80223 .


One comment on “Computer Gear for Qualified People
  1. Charlotte says:

    Thank you! I will keep this in mind during my travels meeting people.

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