Intro to Buddhism and Mindfulness Meditation in Denver Starting Nov. 5

            What.Insight (Vipassana) Meditation is a practice from the Theravada Buddhist tradition.  In the West, it has also become a complementary approach for managing pain and stress (including post-traumatic stress), in addition to its traditional focus on awakening wisdom and compassion.  This class is offered by the Insight Meditation Community of Denver, within its ongoing weekly open meditation sitting group.

When. Four consecutive Sunday evenings, beginning November 5, 2017, from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.

Where. St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, 1280 Vine Street, Denver, Colorado, in the mobility-accessible chapel.  Bring a meditation cushion or bench and pad if you wish; chairs are also available.

Who. Anyone interested in learning this contemplative practice is welcome, including both beginning and experienced meditators. This introductory series is being offered by the Insight Meditation Community of Denver’s senior resident teacher, Lloyd Burton.  A Vipassana practitioner since 1975, he is a co-founder of the Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Northern California, and of the Insight Meditation Community of Colorado.  He has been teaching Theravada Buddhist meditation practices since 1997.

Dana is a word from the Pali language for gifts freely given in gratitude for receiving Buddhist teachings and practices.  Our sangha (spiritual community)pays rent to the church, and covers its other costs (library, recording system, etc.) solely from the donations we receive.  Also, by tradition, teachers receive no compensation for their gift of the Dharma.  So after paying expenses, the residual dana is gifted to whomever is teaching on a given evening to cover the costs of their own ongoing Dharma study and practice.  We are a tax-exempt non-profit religious organization; donation checks can be made payable to the Insight Meditation Community.

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