Kaiser Cares About Opioid Overdoses

Kaiser Permanente members can get Naloxone at Kaiser pharmacies without a prescription.  Details here.

Opioids are strong pain medicines. Examples include hydrocodone, oxycodone, fentanyl, and morphine. Heroin is an example of an illegal opioid. Taking too much of an opioid can cause death. An overdose is an emergency.

Naloxone is a medicine that reverses the effects of an overdose. If you take it soon enough after an overdose, it can save your life.  If you think that somebody in your life is at risk of overdose you might want to investigate this.

One comment on “Kaiser Cares About Opioid Overdoses
  1. GT Gibbs says:

    Outstanding news. Access to anything so key to saving lives should be readily accessable. And that does seem to be the trend these days. Boulder has no cost outlets, and classes are available in administration….

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