Lafayette – Friday 6:30 PM – Cairn Christian Church

Address: 1700 Stonehenge Dr, Lafayette, CO 80026 USA
Focus: How was your week?/Workbook study
Map: Click here for a Google map
Note: Gary says:”We use the workbook as a tool. Refer to it, hold discussions on content, and how it applies to our individual recovery plans. … My concern was just that folks could come to this meeting thinking it was a meeting with the entire focus on the book, chapter by chapter, or jumping around, and be somehow disappointed. We have a great meeting, use sharing, the book, no rules or formula, and have a great group of regulars. Please come by and join us when you get a chance. ”
Contact: Gary
Building/Room: Community Room
Meeting Number: 107

One comment on “Lafayette – Friday 6:30 PM – Cairn Christian Church
  1. Gary says:

    Hey Gang. We will meet by the front doors tonight, our regular space is occupied tonight only. I will post signs, should be there around 6pm to set up the temp space. Thanks Gary

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