Lafayette – Tuesday 7:30 PM – Cairn Christian Church

Address: 1700 Stonehenge Dr., Layfayette CO 80026
Focus: How was your week?
Map: Click here for a Google map
Contact: Bob C.
Phone:  612-437-9291
Meeting Number: 178

4 comments on “Lafayette – Tuesday 7:30 PM – Cairn Christian Church
  1. Gary says:

    We share our week in recovery, and the coming week in a relaxed, non-judgemental, setting. Where cross talk is encouraged, and we all work together on developing a Personal Recovery Plan, sharing our techniques, our challenges, It’s really “no rules” recovery. We also maintain a contact list with email addresses and phone numbers for anyone that is interested in building a common cause recovery peer group. Please come by and check us out. We don’t bite, but Mike has been known to nibble a bit….Gary 720-326-4401

  2. Gary says:

    As the remodeling project is finally complete. LifeRing will be meeting in the basement room just inside the South Side door we have been using as our entrance all along. Signs will be posted showing the way. We have been asked not to go into the building until 7:30pm so as not to disturb the yoga class we share the Tues night space with. See you all there, any questions please give me a shout. Gary

    • Nancy B. says:

      I desperately need help. I’m thrilled to see so many Life Ring meetings. At this point I need one every day. I enjoy drinking. I’m alone and going down to Miners Inn, Erie tavern where all of the people I’ve known as neighbors in Old Town since 1994 hang out. Wasn’t drinking back that far (I had a dog who liked beer and my mother would buy her six packs occasionally). Can’t pinpoint exactly when this became a problem. I’ve suffered through AA to get off my bottle and a half a day wine habit, then when I was sober 3 months my now ex husband poured me a 1/2 glass of beer, had to give all of my chips back at AA. Was sober on my own for 4 months(felt great after the withdrawal). All during a long divorce. Then met a really sweet man at the bar; turns out he’s an alcoholic. We’ve had a lot really fun drunken ( and sober) times together. I realize he can’t be a part of my life if I reach this goal.
      Thank you for reading all of this.

      • Bob Crosby says:


        You are most welcome to come to our meeting of LifeRing at Cairn Christian Church in Lafayette tonight at 7:30. No judgement, just a bunch of folks getting together to support each other in our unique and individual recovery plans. Hope to see you there.

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