LifeRing Annual Meeting

Breaking news…   The Colorado contingent to the LifeRing annual meeting is winging their way westward as we speak.  Kathleen sent me this pic from DIA and wanted it posted.  The front page is dedicated to Curtis D.’s one man show so:

Rick, Kathleen and Lorraine (L to R) at DIA before catching their flight to Oakland for 2017 LifeRing national conference.  Click for larger picture.


LifeRing,org will no doubt have much more on the conference in the coming days.

One comment on “LifeRing Annual Meeting
  1. Craig Whalley says:

    They came; they saw; they conquered!

    The first day of the conference just concluded and Kathleen, Rick and Lorraine were wonderful participants.

    Craig Whalley,
    LifeRing board member.

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