LifeRing brochures with added contact information for LifeRing Colorado:


Sobriety Is Our Priority


Secular is Our Middle Name


Self-Help is What We Do


If This is Day One


Welcome to LifeRing












LifeRing brochures straight from the Service Center:


LifeRing Online


Give Something Back


Choice Its the Law










Note that the folks at the LifeRing Service Center have updated some (all?) of these brochures since we last customized them.  Go to the LifeRing Service Center for the latest and greatest.

Colorado LifeRing Flyer

Check the meetings page for a pointer to the latest LifeRing Colorado Flyer.


– Bill W.

4 comments on “Convenors
  1. Paul G. says:

    I wanted more information about meetings in Lafayette, CO

  2. Curtis D says:

    I think that the flyer format of the meeting schedule is much more concise & easier to read.

  3. GTGibbs says:

    Agreed, after looking at both.I’m in agreement the flyer one is easier to me as well. Will there be an updated one in the future? Gary

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