LifeRing Meeting Formats

We have three different meeting formats:

How was your week? is the topic for most LifeRing meetings — an invitation to discuss recovery work since the last meeting, and a look forward to the recovery challenges of the coming week. These meetings are meant for everybody in recovery or considering recovery.

We’re concerned with last week and next week because these are the immediate framework of our recovery efforts. The more light we shed on the present moment, and the more eyes we bring to it, the greater our freedom and our power to do the right thing. We discuss the upcoming week as it pertains to positive aspects of our recovery efforts.

How We Get and Stay Clean and Sober. A discussion of topics related to recovery and LifeRing resources to help you in your journey. We cover various recovery tools – what has worked and what hasn’t worked on our recovery paths.

“Recovery By Choice” Workbook Study. This meeting focuses on the self-help workbook Recovery by Choice. Participants explore workbook topics to supplement their own work and introspection. More information about the workbook is available at the website. The workbook can be purchased here at the LifeRing web site.

All LifeRing meetings encourage feedback and cross talk.

All LifeRing meetings are free of charge and there are no membership requirements.  We do accept donations from attendees who wish to help cover administrative costs.

2 comments on “LifeRing Meeting Formats
  1. Elizabeth W. says:

    I am a recovering alcoholic and I am interested in “Recovery by Choice” workbook study. Can you let me know how I would sign up for this class? Thank you. Elizabeth.

    • Bill W says:

      Hello Elizabeth. It’s more of a show up than a sign up. It helps if you have looked at the workbook ahead of time but it’s not required. Workbooks may be available for sale at the meeting. Worst case, you can probably look over someone’s shoulder.

      The workbook is not linear: you can start in any domain and jump back and forth. I do mine in pencil as I find my answers change over time. If you have questions about a particular meeting or workbook domain, please contact the convenor.

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