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LifeRing Colorado announcements and forum are done in the Google Group LifeRingInfoColorado. Postings for this group will include information about new meetings, cancelations, speakers and other more “official” LifeRing Colorado news. You can request membership in that group by clicking here:

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Google Groups let you control whether you get postings in email or not. You can also configure your screen name as others see it when you post.  For help in managing your Google Group memberships see: Google Group Help  Note that when you join any Google group the default setting is that you get no email from the group.  To change that, go to your Google Group Management page.

 Sober Social Activities

In addition we have a group of people interested in activities with other sober people – activities that might have nothing to do with recovery. So if you’re looking for somebody to go to an art festival or a bike ride, try the group LifeRingColoradoSoberActivities. You can request membership in that group by clicking here:


This activity can be done sober. Who knew?


Mt Galbraith

From a recent hike.


More Ideas for Sober Activities Find sober groups/activities around Denver (search “sober” in the site, or click here).

Phoenix Multisport: This organization fosters a supportive, physically active community for individuals who are recovering from alcohol and substance abuse and those who choose to live a sober life. (Click here, then click on the Denver, Boulder or Colorado Springs chapters.)

Walk2Connect:  Creating whole health outcomes through innovative walking programs focused on connections to others, to place and to self. (Click here for schedule.)

Other Resources


If you haven’t yet filled out the LifeRing Colorado Survey, please go here:

LifeRing Colorado Survey


BillW_round_frameFor website issues, please contact:  That includes technical issues, praise, criticism and content you might want to see or add.

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  1. Steve W says:

    Great picture of the webmaster Bill! Love it!

  2. Mary L. says:

    Interesting concept

  3. Jud says:

    There is an LGBTQI LifeRing meeting Thursday May 17th, 7pm at Highlands United Methodist Church.

  4. GT Gibbs says:

    That is great news!! Is this in Denver? The growth coninues. I’ll pass the info on..

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