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vipassana4everyman_header_with_yoga_poseMy teacher and friend Ben Heffer has just published a meditation manual: Vipassana for Everyone. “Vipassana” is usually translated as “insight”.  It’s a word in the ancient language Pali.  A manual is no substitute for a live teacher, but if you want to get a taste of one style of meditation, it’s a great start.  Ben’s teacher Ajahn Chalee asked him to write this manual. It’s an introduction to the Thai style practiced by Ajahn Chalee and passed down many generations from the Buddha. Ben occasionally conducts retreats at Wat Buddhawararum in Denver and elsewhere.

Why am I mentioning this on a LifeRing website?  Mindfulness and meditation have been a cornerstone of my recovery.  I owe a great debt to Ben and my other teachers.  That and I happen to know the dude who put together Ben’s website.

Bill W.

Update 1/16/2017: If you want to get started meditating, you might want to find a meditation community (“sangha”).  There are many of them in Colorado, especially Boulder and Denver.  My favorite is the Insight Meditation Community of Colorado particularly the Sunday evening sitting group in Denver.  Beginners and experienced practitioners alike are welcome.  It’s a pretty secular group – light on ceremony.  The group is supported by voluntary donation.

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  1. Gary says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I get asked occasionally about meditation resources, and this really helps. We have a few LifeRingers who use meditation as part of their PRP. Gary

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