Meeting Changes

Update 6/2/2017: There is also a new meeting in Longmont Sunday morning so we have 2 meetings there on Sunday now.

And don’t forget about our new Vail meeting.  That started weeks ago but it still has that new meeting smell.

Hello All Colorado LifeRingers –

Just to announce that starting May 31 there will be changes in the schedules of a couple of Denver meetings:

The Thursday 6 pm meeting currently at the Secular Hub will move to:

Thursday at 7 pm Washington Park Church of Christ, 400 So Williams, Denver 80209

There will be a new meeting:

Wednesdays at noon at the Secular Hub, 3100 Downing, Denver 80205

Soon we hope to be announcing new meetings in Ft Collins and Evergreen!


3 comments on “Meeting Changes
  1. We have another meeting with that “new smell” LOL BHG a Medication Assisted Therapy Clinic in Loveland Colorado is hosting a meeting on Fridays at 6AM. Thats correct campers, zero six damn o clock in the morning. Thats when to Clinic opens, and folks start to show up. We are building this meeting from scratch, so the times and days even might change, so anybody wanting a weekday LifeRing Meeting held durning daylight hours keep an eye on this post..Gary

    • GT Gibbs says:

      The Day and Time have been Changed to Thursdays. at 9AM at the BHG Facility. With an option for a second, “afternoon” meeting. Should interest warrant a second meeting. It can be a one hour meeting up to 3:30pm when the Clinic Closes..

  2. GT Gibbs says:

    We have another LifeRing Secular Recovery Meeting on Wednesdays, in Loveland Colorado. Serenity House, a sober living facility in Loveland is hosting a How was your Week/How we get & stay Clean and Sober face to face meeting every Wed at 6:45Pm. We just had our second meeting, and interest within the facility has really grown! This is an open meeting. I am the convener of record for now. There are two residents who are gaining experience and time as Conveners. Please come join us in Loveland.

    Serenity House Contact Gary G Wed. 6:45 PM
    232 W. 4TH Ave 720-326-4401
    Loveland Co. 80537

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