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Some time ago, I threw up pictures on the front page. I don’t know much about web design, but I know that the sites I like all have pictures, the prettier and more interesting, the better. And sometimes it seems best if the pictures have nothing to do with the site content. I’ve used landscape pics I’ve taken (all in Colorado), a few stock photos and some nice photos by Bonnie M. I’m pretty sure Bonnie’s palm tree pic was not taken in Colorado.

Those pics have been up for a while, I thought about a photo contest to get some fresher material. Then I saw Curtis D.’s photos. Wow! Curtis is an artist. So let’s go with the Curtis one man show, at least for a while. Thank you Curtis.

If you’ve got material that you think can compete, maybe we’ll revisit this in 2018. Any kind of pics that you own will do. We don’t need intellectual property issues so please don’t grab other folks’ photos. If you have identifiable people in them, we sure better have permission to post their pictures. Or just avoid that rathole. Landscape pics are good. Wildllife, street scenes, still life pics, microscopic photography, x-rays… all good. Fire away.

Curtis’ higher resolution versions are available here. 

2 comments on “Pics on the Front Page
  1. Charlotte says:

    I noticed the changes in the pics and I like it! Keep up the great work. I’m really like the dog pics at the meetings and also the booths at events. Good job!

  2. Lorraine says:

    Wow, the photos by Curtis are fabulous! The mountain and lake shots make me want to go hiking.

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