Rocky Mountain CrossTalk

The focus of the 2018 Annual Meeting and Congress is the growth of LifeRing Secular Recovery. Growth is defined as an increase in the number and quality of LifeRing meetings. To create the environment and structure necessary for growth, we need to deliver training and education, establish actionable plans, and ensure clear ownership of projects to meet this goal.

Each of the following key areas will be a breakout session at the Annual Meeting to review current state of affairs, provide training / facilitation, and establish a structure to move forward.

Learning: Convener recruitment, communication and education

Workshop topics focus on the process of becoming a more effective convener, the importance of recruiting new people, and what resources are available for conveners. Connection and discussion among peers will make this time invaluable. Specific topics and questions will be solicited prior and documentation posted after the meeting. Conveners can learn how to grow their own meeting!

Relationships: Outreach to the public and addiction professionals

Much of LifeRing’s responsible growth comes from the ubiquity of addiction challenges around us. Building relationships with the recovery community, addiction professionals and treatment facilities is key. This session will focus on how to work with staff at meetings held in institutions, leveraging professional organizations, and how to connect with others in recovery.

Marketing: From strategy to tactics

This workshop will focus in part on the marketing assessments developed by a student or student group at two Denver based universities (The University of Denver-Daniels College of Business and Metropolitan State University). Prerequisite materials are the research our interns perform and an owner with overall responsibility for execution. A facilitator will help the group move to completion of tasks and a Subject Matter Expert will be available as required. A clear, deployment plan that includes all stakeholders are the outcomes of this session.

Dave F.

2 comments on “Rocky Mountain CrossTalk
  1. Mark says:

    I am currently in recovery using mindfulness and shadow work
    connecting emotions of tbe past and changing my thinking to align with my emotions around recreating my life full of hope purpose joy and love.
    I would be interested in voing to tour annual meeting iam in Minneapolis and would need some finacial assistance.
    I was impersed i the 12 steps and being powerless but thru
    Different revelstions i am findinv the power to let go of a 30 year history of cocaine and s ome meth use

  2. Dave says:

    Hi Mark!

    Did you mean our 2018 Conference in Denver? You can contact us about our scholarship program at

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