Sober Englishman

Winter Park/Mary Jane skiers have long known the Drunken Frenchman trail.  According to Winter Park’s version of the story, the trail is named for Frenchy:

…the name actually comes from good ol’ Frenchy. French worked for the logging company in charge of clearing the way for the MJ trail system. He was memorialized on Mary Jane because he was known for slinging back 2 six-packs of beer and a bottle of wine as he worked on his daily haul of 1-2 acres of trees.

What a character.  Alcohol and chainsaws making such a good combo, that is.

For this season Winter Park cut a new trail that cuts off Drunken Frenchman and named it “Sober Englishman”.  It’s basically a catwalk that allows one to get directly from Sunspot to Mary Jane without taking Outhouse or the old unofficial trail, Do or Die.  Some Mary Jane fans are up in arms.  I get that.  I’m in the if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it camp.  But let’s appreciate the nod towards sobriety.

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