Uptime issues with this website?

Has this website not been available lately?  From a monitoring tool we use, I get the following sorts of messages:

http://liferingcolorado.org did not load when we checked, on Friday, January 27, 10:24 am.

Your site is responding intermittently, or extremely slowly. This can indicate an overloaded, under-powered, or misconfigured server. Your site is probably loading for some users, but not for everyone

If you continue seeing downtime, you should get in touch with your hosting provider for help. You will receive another alert when your site is online again.

Then I get a message some minutes later that the site is back up.  I have not seen outages myself but I have no reason to think that the monitoring tool is working with alternative facts.  I contacted the tech support for our hosting provider and they replied:

I have tested your website in various browsers and times of day it was always live, please note our admin do monitor and maintain our servers.

That’s support speak for “F!@# you; ain’t no problem.”

If you do see errors, please contact me and tell me as much about the problem as you can – the error message you got in your browser and the date and time you got it.  If you also know what browser you’re using that helps too.  I typically test on Windows/Chrome and occasionally on my iPhone (Safari).  You can reach me at:  lrcowebmaster@gmail.com

Thank you very much.

Bill W.

One comment on “Uptime issues with this website?
  1. Gary says:

    Hey Bill.I have not had any issues when I used it..Gary

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